Strippers not your thing? Alternative bachelorette party ideas

You’ve heard it all before – hire strippers for your bachelorette party! But maybe that’s not your thing, and you don’t want to end up like the woman in Spain who ended up getting pregnant from her dwarf stripper. We get it. A bachelorette party should be a time where you can enjoy the night with your girls, and it doesn’t always have to involve things of a sexual nature. We have a few unique, alternative bachelorette party ideas that you can enjoy with our little people for a fun and safe ladies night in Bangkok!

If you’re into games – we can organize a fun private game night for you. Our little people can act as referees/game hosts. Enjoy games like bingo, quizzes, or some variation of pin the tail on the donkey. You can even turn these games into fun drinking games! We have the perfect little hosts for your bachelorette party game night. Our little referees will make sure that everyone is playing fair and following the rules, announce winners, hand out prizes, and if you’re into drinking games, they’ll make sure the loser never tries to sneak their way out of their punishment!

Our little people can add a lot of fun to your bachelorette party!

If you want to enjoy a fun ladies night out in Bangkok, hire a little party guide to take you out for the night. No matter what type of scene or vibe you are looking for, our little party guide will take you wherever you want to go! They know the best ladies night deals in Bangkok so you can enjoy drinks the most fun bars and exclusive clubs in the city. They even know where to get the best late night food for when you inevitably need a midnight snack.

If you have other bachelorette party ideas that you would like to add a “little” fun to, contact us to start planning your party!