Respect and dwarf entertainment in Bangkok

We are completely committed to your satisfaction – it is extremely important to us that your party experience in Bangkok exceeds all of your wildest expectations. However, we do not compromise respect in favor of fun – all of our little person for hire are paid working professionals. We value them and all of the work they do and we expect the same from all of our clients in Bangkok. We have a strict policy against physical harm being directed towards our dwarf entertainment professionals. This means no throwing, and no fights – just fun! Please ask for consent before physically engaging with all of our employees.
Our commitment to our clients is only possible because of our little person – they are entertainment professionals that have chosen to be a part of this industry, and to party with you in Bangkok! We offer them training and professional connections that enable them to consistently develop their skills and talents beyond dwarf entertainment alone and into the greater entertainment services industry. Without their level of experience, talent, and their high levels of professionalism, nothing we do would be possible. It is for this reason that we kindly ask that all of our customers respect our employees in the same way that we do – remember that you are hiring them for dwarf entertainment services and we will not tolerate any kind of disrespect or abuse directed towards them.

We value respect for our dwarves just as much as we value your fun

Please also keep in mind that the term “midget” is considered offensive to some people with dwarfism. We kindly ask that you use the dwarf or little person instead when you work with us to find little person for hire in Bangkok. If you have any questions regarding our policies on customer conduct, you can contact us for more information.
We hope you will have a good time with our little person in Bangkok if you choose to hire one of our employees.

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