The most fun and unique experience in Bangkok nightlife and entertainment

We are an event company that specializes in providing entertainment staff for any type of Bangkok party or event. Our staff services range from dancers to party guides, bodyguards, little persons, magicians and more! We have been operating in Thailand for 10 years and have collaborated with one of the top event organizers in the Bangkok nightlife and entertainment industry.

If you are looking to add some playful fun to your next Bangkok party or event, We are number one midget entertainment. Our midget entertainment services are perfect for you! Our little persons are experienced actors in Thailand that have appeared in movies, TV series, TV game shows, and more. They are fun loving yet professional, with over 10 years of training under their belts – no matter what your needs are, our midgets will be able to cater to the requirements for your event and audience. Our midget entertainment services are suitable for people of all ages, and offer a unique and memorable way to make your Bangkok party truly stand out.

Midget entertainment suitable for all occasions and all ages

In addition to acting as event staff, our little persons can act as Bangkok nightlife and entertainment guides. The perfect option for birthday or bachelor/bachelorette parties! They love drinking, dancing and FUN, and can even wear costumes if you want them to. Our little costumed people are girl magnets. You will have tons of women screaming “mini Batman! Mini Batman!” and trying to take pictures with them. Our midgets can also wear classy suits or act as your own personal bodyguards, checking rooms before you enter. Please keep in mind this is a professional service and we treat all of our dwarves with respect and we ask that you do the same.

Midget Entertainment