There’s no party like a dwarf party!

Everyone loves a costume party – there’s nothing like coming up with an amazing costume idea and getting dressed to impress and party with your friends. You can make the experience even more unforgettable when you rent a little person for your private party. Our little persons can come dressed up for absolutely any theme – whether it’s superheroes, fantasy, or horror!  Impress your costumed party guest with a costumed little person joining your party in Bangkok.

The only thing better than a costume party is a costumed little person party – our little people are fun-loving, professional entertainers that will get your party started and make sure it never stops! No matter what you’re looking for, our little persons have talents that are sure to delight all of your guests – they can sing, dance, act, and even host or emcee your crazy Bangkok party. Rent a little person and we guarantee you will not be disappointed with the results. Our little people are fully committed to making sure that your party in Bangkok is as lively and entertaining as you could ever imagine.

Add a little extra fun to your costume party in Bangkok – rent a little person!

No matter where your midget party is being held, our little people will be there. And if you’re stumped for ideas for your own costume, we can help you come up with the perfect costume idea. We’ll even match your costume with one of our little people (Batman and Robin, anyone?) – you’re sure to win Best Costume of night! When you rent a little person you’ll have access to costumes for yourself, your guests and your little person – we have over 30 costumes for you to choose from. Contact us now to start planning your unique costumed midget party in Bangkok!