For the perfect unexpected bachelor or bachelorette party surprise – hire one of our dwarf strippers

This has to be one of the most notorious dwarves entertainment services – the dwarf surprise! Give your bachelor or bachelorette friend the surprise of their life by adding an unexpected “little” twist to the regular old sexy stripper show.

Picture this – you are with your friends having an amazing bachelor or bachelorette party, the drinks are flowing, and everyone is having a great time. And when it’s finally time for the strippers to arrive, everyone screams; they can’t wait to see what sexy surprises are in store. You even promise the bachelor or bachelorette his or her very own private lap dance. Little do they know they are in for the surprise of their lives – the door opens and in comes one of our dwarf strippers! We guarantee this prank will be one of the absolute highlights of your party – not only is the prank itself hilarious, but all of our dwarf strippers are fun-loving and really know how to get the party started, so you’re guaranteed to have an amazing night when you invite them to your party!

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If you’re just looking for a fun prank, we have midget strippers for rent that are also experienced comedy actors – they will show up for the joke and then can entertain you and your guests with a joke-strip show. If you want to really blow everyone’s mind we also have midget strippers for rent that are professional dancers and are guaranteed to really impress everyone with how well they can move! If you want to guarantee laughs and a great time at your next party, contact us now to hire our dwarf strippers for the ultimate surprise prank!