You’ve seen the movies and heard the stories – make your Bangkok bachelor party fantasies a reality with our midget people!

We’ve all heard the stories and seen the movies about what a crazy night is like when you party in Bangkok. If you have those bachelor party fantasies, we’re here to help you make them a reality – rent a little person and get ready to have the wildest night of your life!

There are plenty of midget people in Thailand and they’re all waiting to party with you. No matter what you want to do during your wild night out in Bangkok, our little sidekicks are along for the ride. Our midgets really know their stuff – they know where to find all the best parties, the sexiest Bangkok nightlife girls, and the secret places to go when you want to keep partying into the morning! Seriouslt guys, ladies LOVE our mini batman – if you want to attract the attention of all the hottest Bangkok nightlife girls, you can’t go wrong when you rent a little person. When you’re handcuffed to mini Batman, you’ll be the most popular guy no matter where you go.

Get the attention of all the Bangkok nightlife girls with a midget sidekick

In addition to being fantastic nightlife tour guides, our midgets are the perfect surprise for any unsuspecting bachelor. If you’re a best man you’re looking in the right place to make your best friend’s bachelor party one that nobody will forget. Rent a little person for the best surprise greeting. Just imagine getting off the plane, everyone’s a bit stressed from all the travel and just wants to let loose. Hop in the van for a surprise greeting from our midget batman – drinks included! There is no better way to start your party experience in Bangkok – guaranteed.

Our midget people also do great surprise pranks – tell the guys you’re getting strippers, everyone’s going to be sooo excited. Especially the bachelor, because he’s going to get his own private lap dance. Then they arrive – our midget strippers! This is a crazy and unique prank that is sure to get plenty of laughs and will definitely create memories for you and your squad that will last your whole lives.