Some fundamental information you need to consider when choosing an event planner/organizer. How to choose the best event manager/event organizer, what to look out for in event planners in Bangkok Thailand.
Determine your objective
Before you choose an event manager you need to have an idea of the type of event (bachelor party, boat party, corporate event, etc.), the types of activities involved in the particular event, as it is essential in selecting the right candidate for the required job. Keep in mind your expectations of the event and draft out a budget in order for you to stay within your financial means. It is good to know communication arrangements e.g. whether team building should contact the team building organizers only or whether event planning should contact the event planner.
Organizers and agencies
It is important to be able to distinguish event organizers from event agencies as they differ. The best option is to choose an event organizer due to the fact that Agencies do not organize their own events, instead, they recruit event organizers to arrange special events for them, whereas event organizers are hands-on with planning, organizing and executing events. To avoid certain problems that can be derived from working with event agencies like loss of communication, delayed responses, expensive costs as well as a lack of control, working with event organizers is best.
Make sure you can trust them and select the right one
There are a couple of factors to look out for when choosing an event organizer. Ensure that they have an actual location in Bangkok, Thailand where they host their events, check that they hold a TAT license for cultural events and liability insurance for participants in case of any unforeseen issues. Check previous events that they have hosted in the past, see to it that they have big client names as references. It is also important to check the range of services they offer, look through certain cancellation and refund policies to see if they have set any backup plans or solutions in place in case of unforeseen events like bad weather conditions (rains). A face to face meeting or Skype call (if you are not at the event location) is also important to discuss the events requirements in detail and have direct feedback from both parties.
Make a list of venues to choose from, and a shortlist of your 3 best event organizers you would like for your specific event, compare rates, incentives, event rentals and event planning services each offer to choose the best fit for your event.
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